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Scrap Metal Removal

Scrap Metal Removal

When people think of litter they tend to think of household waste, such as plastic bags and food packaging. Furthermore these materials are a major component of litter. Metal production causes a severe impact in the environment. Premiere Recycling is your reliable partner to help improve our environment. We are looking for scraps that needs to be recycled. You can always rely to our company, Which you can call 24/7.

Our process is 100 % environmentally friendly,

Why Do people Dump Scrap Metal?

Most people dump rubbish to avoid waste disposal charges or to avoid the inconvenience of organizing waste removal, or taking rubbish to the waste management facility.

Premiere Recycling always got your back! of that ongoing problem. By contacting our company you can exchange you scraps for an instant cash. Furthermore, our well experienced team in the scrap metals industry, But also we will provide the most competitive price for our clients.  Worry no more! Premiere Recycling is at your service! Also With our new and advanced equipment, Moreover We offer the best services, especially in Perth. We would love to buy your scrap metals at the highest prices offered.

Premiere Recycling is a leading firm of scrap metal and recycling in Perth. Giving all the top prices to you. Rather than throwing your unwanted metal elements to local bins, You can bring it to our yard.  Therefore we can help to our environment and you will be paid in cash. We guarantee highest price. For aluminum scraps, copper, scraps, brass scraps, cables, stainless steel scraps, lead scraps , computer parts, batteries, motor pumps and many more!

Instant Cash For Copper

Did you know  that copper is one of the most moneymaking kinds of scrap metal? Global demand for copper is high and since scrap copper makes up around 30% of this demand.

Furthermore it is difficult to mine and refine and the process releases high amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. This simply means that the copper price is highly competitive, You can fetch a good amount of money from your scrap metal. Here in Premiere Recycling, We pay top dollar for your copper scraps, so you know you’re getting a great deal!

Scrap Metal Recycling

There are different ways how to recycle your scrap metals. One of this is to sell it to us and allow us to do the process. Moreover, we own state-of-the-art facility that can store triple tons of scrap metals.  Apart of that, we also have heavy equipment’s that can be used for removing your scrap metals in your yard. If you are looking for someone who can buy your scrap metals, we are the best company to contact with.

We can offer you the best price in the market and higher than our competitors buying amount all these are on top of our free scrap metal removal and other services. We always understand how the feels of having rubbish metals in your yard. This scrap metals can pollute your surroundings if not dispose right away. You can always rely on our metal expert recyclers. They are very good of what they do and we always hired someone that has more a year of experienced.

What is the process?

Our process are very easily!

  1. You can call 08 6252 8500 or send us an email either to or from this website on our “contact us” form.
  2. We will process the evaluation for free, charge you nothing therefore during your query your able to know what you can get out of it.
  3. It is always less paper works for you since we will process for you.
  4. Once you agreed, we will set a date for you and pay you on the spot.
  5. Our team experts then will remove it for you for free!

Call us now and we are more than happy to help and pay you spot cash!






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